Monday, November 12, 2012

Companies Want to Keep You in the Dark

We need to take back our food system from the hands of corporations who have no interest in our health and peace of mind. We need truth in labeling. We need to engage in our food supply!

A first step in achieving these goals is to stop buying products from the corporations who oppose our Right to Know if GMO's are in our food

Those of us that live in the Unites States of America live in what's called a market (supply and demand) economy. Until we demand that genetically modified food is either labeled or banned these 'phoods' will continue to be prevalent. 

By abstaining from buying products from corporations who oppose our Right to Know there ends up a surplus of those products. The price then drops and eventually profitability comes into question and becomes uncertain... that is when they will listen to our demands and supply will change!

California Proposition 37, also known as the 'The California Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act' prompted my investigation (August 12th) into exactly who opposes the labeling of GMO's. Most people know by now that Prop 37 did not pass -but do look into the uncounted votes. Yet, I don't despair... because "this battle may have been lost but the war will be won!"

Here is just one hefty weapon we can use to win the war:

The List of ALL Companies that Oppose GMO Food Labeling

Here is the the List of Food Companies that Oppose GMO Food Labeling. 

You can find the List of ALL Companies in pdf format for download and printing here: